Georgische regio's aan het einde van de 19e eeuw

Historische foto's van fotograaf Dmitri Ermakov.

Van Mr. Rolf Gross verzameling.

Tiflis, the Variety of its Ethnic People

A Gurian from Southwestern Georgia

Wife of a rich Armenian merchant

An Osseti from the mountains. The Osseti are the last remnants of Gothic tribes.

A Georgian priest and his wife

Georgian sharpshooter

Head-wash in the Hamam

Georgian Heroes in chain mail – posing in the studio...

Georgian Tribes

Khartli, the Heartland of Eastern Georgia

Local Saints Day in Mtskheta (Mtskhetoba)

All the women loaded on a Georgian Arba -
the prerogative of the Christian Georgian women!

The ancient cave city of Uplistikhe near Gori

Mtskheta, the old Georgian capital. The Georgian kings
are buried in its cathedral Tsveti Skoveli

The Georgian Military Road and Mount Kazbeg

The mail coach to Vladikavkas on the Georgian Military Road
built by the Russians in the 19th century.

Mount Kazbeg and the church of Mtatsminda Kazbegi,
one of the landmarks of Georgia

Western Georgia

Old Priest

Kutaisi, the Jewish quarter

Oxcart in Kutaisi

Kutaisi, Moslem butchers prepare for the ritual slaughtering of a calf

Svaneti, The Mythical High Valley in the Western Caucasus

Svaneti, Repussé icon of St George

Svaneti, Family portrait of the princely Dadeshkeliani, the Knyaz of Svaneti

Svaneti, Two Dadeshkeliani princesses

And if you didn't believe it, in Chevsureti they still wore
chain-mail in the early 20th century!